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something to be said
8th-Nov-2006 09:23 pm - Day Eight
[hockey] Keep the Pens!
“Shut up,” Johnny laughed. Jordan threw me a nasty glare. I threw a pillow at him.

“You’ve really got issues with exploiting the irony of the situation that we are currently in, huh?” Ryan said, grabbing the DVD case from me to read the blurb on the back.

“How much do I owe you for all those fifty cent words in that sentence?” I said, taking the DVD case back. I scooted up to the DVD player, and put the disk in.

“Have you seen this?” Stella asked Matt.

“Yeah, who hasn’t?”

“Then why is it so scary?”

“Well, it’s like this. You know that something scary is about to happen. You kinda remember that something happens right after something else happens. But you don’t know what and you don’t know when. So, you just sit there, for most of the movie, and try to anticipate when something’s going to just jump out and scare the shit of you. And, of course, you’re never prepared when it actually does,” he explained. Jordana just laughed as she got up and turned out the lights.

“Thanks,” Jordan said sarcastically. Jordana began to make her way back to the chair that she was sitting in, but looked at what she would have to go through, shrugged her shoulders, and gave up trying to pick her way through the mess. Johnny, Ryan, Jordan, and I were laying on the floor. Each of us had a bean bag and a few pillows were laying around, debris from the pillow fight Jordan and I had started, but never really finished. Stella and Matt took up one entire couch, and their legs were stretched out and intertwined with each other on the floor. Stella found a place to the right of me. She kicked Jordan’s feet out of the way as she sat down.

“Bigfoot,” she said. Jordan, in retaliation, waved his feet around.

“Hush! Movie’s starting!” Ryan said, pointing at the screen.

“So now you’re all excited about being scared?” I said. “Have you even seen this before?”

“Yes and yes. Isn’t that supposedly half the fun of horror films? Now hush!” he said, turning back around to watch the screen. The first few minutes passed without anything really scary happening, so we began to chat about nothing. That was all fine and dandy until the first ‘jump-out-of-your-skin-and-cry-like-you’re-seven” moment occurred.

“Holy shit!” Ryan said, jumping up.

“Jesus Christ!” Matt screamed, shoving Stella to the floor. Jordan just made strange noises and hid behind his pillow. I’ll admit, I jumped a little bit, but nothing that would have shaken the house.

“You guys are such idiots,” Stella said, laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath.

“Hell, did you see her? She was all infected and she moved! Last time I checked, moving dead bodies are scary!” Jordan said, finally regaining the ability to speak.

“And the door just opened and she was there!” Matt said.

“Ugh!” said Ryan, simply.

“Well spoken,” Jordana stated.

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1st-Jan-2001 11:00 am - friends only
[hockey] Keep the Pens!
I add basically everyone, I'd just like to know who's reading my LJ. Nothing personal if I don't add you, though. The entry after this lists basically all my interests, so go check that out.
speak-stupid.livejournal.com speak_stupid@livejournal.com
1st-Jan-2001 09:05 am - Info
[hockey] Keep the Pens!
I like sports. It's just the kind of girl I am. I'll warm you- I watch sports "like a girl" sometimes. That means squeeing over the players and noticing ridicuous things, like how Andre Agassi walks like a teddy bear or how Alexander Ovechkin needs to shave his unibrow. Get over it. Sports dictate a huge part of my life, because it's something I can follow and have fun with, but have no part in the outcome, which take the stress away. I play sports too, kind of an intelligent jock girl.
I guess this is my obsession that's most obvious, just because the season lasts so long and there are so many games. I was born and raised a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and I personally believe that pretty soon we'll win the Cup again. I also like to think that the Cup will come to Pittsburgh and not Kansas City or some other crap place. Being a Penguins fan, I adore Sidney Crosby and will defend him to the death. My other favorite players on the Pens are Marc-Andre Fleury, Noah Welch, Maxime Talbot, Erik Christensen, Colby Armstrong, Ryan Malone, Evgeni Malkin (hopefully!), and most of the team. I've got a real soft spot for the Bruins, especially Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara. I cheered for the Sabres and the Canes during the Cup, so I've started to like both of those teams more than I should, especially the Canes. I've also got an obsession with the entire Staal family, even if Marc is a Ranger.
My biggest obsession, when it comes to how long I've been crazy following it. I started watching figure skating when I was a little girl, because every little girl watched Tara Lipinski win gold. A few years ago, I was flipping through when I caught a skater named Johnny Weir. He's still one of my absolute favorites, even if he is a silly silly diva at times. Plus, he's got amazing hair, and he still looks good in women's clothing! My favorite skater, though, is Evan Lysacek who I do believe I'm destined for, heh! But seriously, he's amazing and has done so much in the past two years (without throwing fits like my other skater). I don't watch pairs, because it irritates me, and I don't really follow women's skating, but I do love ice dancing! Tanith Belbin and Ben Agusto are the best ice dance team out there (with the exception of the Russians, but whatever) and they're just so much fun. Plus, I want to be Tanith.
speak-stupid.livejournal.com speak_stupid@livejournal.com
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